what else can you use a meat grinder for

Answering the Top Question of The MasterChef – What Else Can you Use a Meat Grinder for?

For almost more than a decade, we have been acquainted with meat grinders. The major purpose of the meat grinder is to grind meat without much hassle at home. There was a time when people used to go to the butchers to grind and chop the meat as they want. However, technology soon took over it and meat grinders were introduced in the market that reduced the flow of customers at butcher’s shop. Specifically, a meat grinder or meat mincer is a kitchen appliance used for fine chopping and/ or mincing meat. However, the usage of such an appliance is not restricted to grinding purpose only. So, what else can you use a meat grinder for?

In the modern scenario, a meat mincer is not specifically used for mincing meat or grinding them during the preparation of tasty cuisines. Instead, you can use the meat grinder in other ways. Last night I have heard that someone used the perfectly equipped meat grinder to make noodles out of the dough and that inspired me to dig deep into the matter to find out the real jibe behind that. As I went through some of the great articles, I was enlightened with the witty benefits of owning a meat grinder. So, if you are also thinking what else can you use a meat grinder for, then I will suggest you keep hold of your patience a little bit more to absorb the versatility of this mind-blowing appliance.

The types of meat grinders and the mixer unit

There are two types of meat mincers available in the market, which are broadly classified into either manually operated and electrically operated. In the manually operated system, there is a lever attached to the grinding unit accompanied by a free-moving handle. As soon, as rotate the grinder lever, mincing starts and when you push the chunk of meat into it, ground meat arrives at the end tunnel. On the other hand, electrically operated reduces your effort in spinning the wheel. A plug is provided which uses a motor to rotate the mincer. The only effort you must put is pushing the meat in the grinder.

The mixer unit has proven to process different kinds of meat such as meat chunks, sausages, and others into minced products. A mixer can also be used to add additives, spices, herbs, and salt to the meat before the cooking starts. Many people use the grinder to mix raw meat of beef and pork for their barbeque parties. While you might be aware of such activities, there are some other things, which your grinder can do for you. So, without further ado, let us have a look at what else can you use a meat grinder for?

Meat grinder used by Vegetarians!

Meat grinder used by Vegetarians

As we are speaking of what else you can use a meat grinder for, it is quite astonishing that the vegetarians can also use the grinder for grinding the veggies. One of the food-blogger posted the recipe of piccalilli using cranberries and oranges. What amused me is the usage of meat grinder to grind the vegetables and mix them effectively. In her recipe, she stated that she needed ground cucumbers and onions mixed with each other before making piccalilli. However, she did not have a blender or a mixer unit with her. Therefore, she decided to go for the meat mincer through which she pushed the cucumbers and onions and the mixed ingredient was prepared instantly. One of the major benefits as she states is that she did not have to chop the cucumbers and onions into small shreds. Instead, she only had to peel the skin off and put the veggies in the mincer to get the desired mix.

Another author of a food blog suggested that he used the meat grinder to extrude noodles using a separate accessory. This was quite amazing as a meat grinder is still a grinder and you can perform any grinding application on it. However, making noodles out of dough is something that answers to what else can you use a meat grinder for.

Moreover, the meat grinder can also be used to grate cheese that is a major requisite for making burgers. Grating pounds of cheddar cheese using a greater might seem to be a very tough job especially when you have to do it quickly. That is when you can rely upon a meat grinder to grind the cheese into bits and spread it on your favorite cuisine within no time. However, you can expect some leftovers after grinding since the cheese reaches the melting point during grinding and melts right away.

The versatile grinder

The versatile grinder

So, now you know that a meat grinder is not only used for mincing meat but is also beneficial in grinding vegetables, making noodles with appropriate accessory and grating cheese for your delicacies. Moreover, the meat grinder can also be used to grind herbs and spices that add a succulent taste to your recipes. Therefore, the next time you think of purchasing a meat grinder and thinking about what else you can use a meat grinder for, this article most probably will cater to your question. In addition to all these, there are other significant uses of the meat grinder that you can get such as getting breadcrumbs. Therefore, now you know the major benefits of having a meat grinder in your kitchen.

However, there are two types of grinding unit available in the market and based on your frequency of application; you must wisely choose the mode of operation. While the electrically operated grinder can perform many grinding applications, some hardcore applications of grinding require more torque which the electric motor cannot provide. Thus, you should go for a manually operated grinder. Additionally, you can choose from the range of accessories that fit well with the grinder so that it can assist you in making some great delicacies with minimum effort and maximum efficiency.