Type of Door Between the House and Garage

What is the Type of Door Between the House and Garage?

There are many different types of overhead garage doors to choose from and one should research the features of each before making a choice from https://netogaragedoor.com/. An overhead garage door can add a lot to the looks of the house and it is probably the first thing that people will notice when they come over. So one should make sure that the door does what they need it to while fitting into the overall look of the house.

Types of garage doors:

Types of garage doors

The most expensive type of garage door is the traditional wood type and it looks great with many different home styles. The disadvantage wood will expand and contract making the door break down from continued use. So one will spend a lot of time and money repairing this type of door and the aluminum doors are popular because they are cheap and will last much longer than a wood door. One can even buy an aluminum door that has a wooden fade and the disadvantage in that is that the material is very light so it dents easily and does not provide very much insulation. This will not look right on every house. But steel doors are a nice compromise between aluminum and wood and it can be made to look like both of them and will last a very long time without deteriorating. The steel door is heavy enough which can help out in the winter. The only drawbacks are that they are expensive as the aluminum doors and they are heavier so it puts more strain on the motor that raises and lowers the door and it can lead to replacing the door motor more often than on the other types. Fiberglass doors are a type and they are used in houses along the coast because they will not corrode or deteriorate in the salt air and these materials are very light and they are not the best choice to use anywhere else.

Door between house and garage:

Door between house and garage

The separation between a garage and a house is commonly known as a firewall, but that’s not accurate. A firewall is considered as an assembly of materials used to separate transformers, structures, or large buildings to prevent the spread of fire. Doors between a house and a garage can be defined in three types that includes, solid wood, solid or honeycomb-core steel, and the 20 minutes fire-rated. A wall can be constructed which extends from the foundation through the roof with a prescribed fire resistance duration and independent structural stability. The wall between the house is neither a firewall nor it is a fire-resistance-rated wall. The wall between a house and an attached garage does have some special requirements and a house and garage must be separated by 1/2″ drywall and it also applies to structural members. The garage needs to be separated from the house and if there are habitable rooms above the garage, 5/8″ type drywall must be used at the ceiling.