Stanley Cup Finals Live Stream

Stanley Cup Finals Live Stream: Everything You Need to Know

As we’re getting close to the Finals of this season’s NHL games, there’s still a lot of things you don’t know. This year, the NHL play-off is different. The game format, rules, and a lot of things have changed.

The Stanley Cup Finals live stream is starting soon. So, before that, it’s better to get answers to all of your questions.

So, read the full articles to know everything about the NHL Season 2020-21.

When is the NHL Play-off 2021?

When is the NHL Play-off 2021

The NHL Playoff started on the 15th of May and ended in July. It will continue until we find the winner in the Stanley Cup Finals.

How many teams are playing in the NHL Play-off 2021?

A total of 16 teams are participating in this year’s play-off in the NHL. Usually, that would be a total of 24 teams. But due to the coronavirus pandemic, the NHL decided to reduce the number of games. So, to do that, they have decreased the number of teams in the play-off.

How many divisions are participating this year?

Generally, two conferences play in the NHL Play-off. But this year, the league format has changed. So, now a total of four divisions are participating in the NHL. The divisions are Central, East, West, and North. Each division comprises four Ice Hockey Teams.

Where can I watch the Stanley Cup Finals in the US?

Where can I watch the Stanley Cup Finals in the US

In the US, the Stanley Cup Finals live stream will be available to watch on NBC. Besides, you also can subscribe to NHL TV to catch all the games of NHL season 2020-21.

Where can I watch the Stanley Cup Finals in Canada?

CBC Television will telecast the Stanley Cup Finals in Canada this year. SportsNet Live will also stream the in-the-market NHL games.

What’s the format of this year’s Stanley Cup Finals?

The Stanley Cup Finals and all other playoff games will be played in a best of seven series match. Whoever wins four games first wins the series. It’s not necessary to play all the games to win.

What will the Champion team receive?

The Champion of 2021’s NHL will receive the Stanley Cup Championship Trophy. They will also get a sum of prize money which will be divided among the team members.

Who won the President’s Trophy?

The Colorado Avalanche earned 82 points in the regular season to win the President Trophy. Vegas Golden Knights also earned 82 points. So, the winner was determined by the RWs count.

Can I listen to the Stanley Cup Finals live stream on Radio?

Yes, ESPN Radio will stream the 2021 NHL Play-off as well as the finals. Please find out the local frequency on their official website.

Who won the previous Stanley Cup?

Tampa Bay Lightning has won the 2020 Stanley Cup in the thrilling Finals. This year they’re also doing great in the Play-off.

How many games does a team need to win to become the Champion?

A team needs to win at least 16 games in the play-off (including the finals) to win the Stanley Cup Championship Trophy.

Who has the record of most Stanley Cup wins?

Montreal Canadiens hold the record of winning the Stanley Cup for the most wins with 24 victories. In recent seasons they’ve struggled and haven’t seen the trophy for a long time.

How will the Wales and Campbell Trophy be awarded this year?

As there are no conferences this year, Wales and Campbell’s trophies will not be awarded. Usually, these trophies are given to two conference Champions.


We hope we’ve answered all of your questions regarding the NHL season 2020-21. Every ice hockey fan is excited to enjoy the Stanley Cup Finals live stream in July. A lot of teams are performing great in the league. Let’s hope your favorite team wins the Stanley Cup in 2021.