How to Pick a Residential Door Lock

How to Pick a Residential Door Lock?

A residential door lock will be the symbol of your resident’s security. Only a strong and perfectly protected lock system can secure your home from thieves and burglars. When it comes to selecting a secured lock, then there are lots available in the market. So, while selecting a door lock, you can check out some points to make it more secure. Those points are as follows.

Choose the Best Lock Depending on the Design You Like

Choose the Best Lock Depending on the Design You Like

If you are planning to decorate your home step by step then giving an odd design but security will be wrong. So, first, you need to select the type of lock design and door design. Mainly three types of doors are there. Not connected deadbolt, conventional, and Smart Lock. The first two types of door locks are available in a single piece lock cylinder. These are not too much fancier but highly protective. Smart locks are more secure because it allows the user to enter only by verifying his or her biometrics or password.

Door Preferences According to Room

The door and door lock must be selected according to room preferences. Like a house has an exterior part and the interior part. The outermost part needs high security. So, the front door and the garage need durable doors with high security. Those doors are made in a manner that the interior side of those doors will be simple but the exterior side will have lock-key features. That means while you are locking those doors from outside, you need keys, and while from inside, just rotate the knob.

And Interior doors must have a small lock passage. Passage function locks are highly recommended because unlike front doors, these doors are going to be used on both sides frequently.

Always Go for Residential Types of Doors

Always Go for Residential Types of Doors

Some people think that to get ultimate safety, commercial doors are best. Commercial Doors are durable and made with top-quality security, unlike residential doors. But on the other hand, maintaining those commercial doors is tough. The tools required to repair these doors are rare and the mechanism of these doors is quite hard to understand too. Residential doors are just perfect for residents. It’s easy to handle and when necessary, you can fix it by using common tools.

If you want to make your home as safe as a commercial door then there are lots of doors available with complex configuration. Instead of one lock cylinder, these have 3 to 4 lock cylinders. And the mechanism is quite tough for a common thief to understand. While buying a door, make sure you are buying a DIY toolkit too. This is going to be handy in the future.

While selecting a residential door, you need to check the points properly. Never compromise with the security and with the design too. Whatever is suitable to give a great look at your house, always go for it, because everything is available in the market. Select your budget according to door preferences.