How to Loose Curl your Hair with a Straightener

How to Loose Curl your Hair with a Straightener?

Do you want to make loose curls in your hair but feeling challenging to make? Undoubtedly, you may listen to many ideas and hear about many tools that can help you create loose curls in your hair.

But there will be no perfect tool or idea than a hair straightener to make loose curl in your hair, read this post here.

Maybe you have made loose curl with some other ways, but you will never get a perfect loose curly hairstyle except the use of a hair straightener.

How hair straightener makes your task easy?

How hair straightener makes your task easy

Here is below a simple technique to make curl in your hair using a hair straightener.

Prepare your hair for making curly hairstyle:

First of all, prepare your hair for making style; you can start your hair preparation by washing them with shampoo and make them perfectly dry.

After drying, if you feel there is a need to dry them more, you can use blow-dry to dry your hairs; when you have dried your hair, apply heat protection cream on hairs to protect from heat.

After drying and applying heat-protective cream, wait for five minutes, and after that, make sections of your hair, but try to make thin sections; it will make your task easy.

Prepare Hair straightener:

Now prepare your hair straightener for making a curly loose hairstyle; preparation of hair straightener means switching it on and adjusting the heating level.

You should adjust the heating level according to your hair type; a low level is convenient for thin hair, while a high level of heat is better for thick hair.

Wait for a couple of minutes to let the straightener to become hot as your required level.

Make loose curls in hairs:

Now you need to make a loose curl, but make sure that you make a curve and perform all the steps gently and with care. If you make hurry and do things carelessly, it can cause damage to your hair.

Make loose curl for each section one by one; start moving the straightener from the root of the hair and then move it downward, but when you are driving it below, move gently and stop at each point where you want to make a loose curl.

Once a section completes then, move to the next area and complete curly styling with each section one by one.

Make loose curls in hairs

Apply Hair spray:

In the last and final step, you need to apply hair spray on the curls to make them able to maintain their curls for a long time.

Do not use water or wet hands on your hair if you want these curls to last for a long time.

Final Thoughts:

Loose curl style is a unique hairstyle suitable for any event; women love that style.

There are many ways and tools to make the loose curly hairstyle, but there is no better way than a hair straightener. You can any time make your hair loose curly hairstyle yourself by following the above technique.