How to Install Garage Door Cables

How to Install Garage Door Cables?

Garage door cable is a necessary part of the garage door that helps lift the garage door’s weight by tension in spring.

Proper installation of garage door cables can increase the life span and performance. It is a simple task to install the garage door cables yourself if you know-how about cables and wires.

Garage door cables do not need much expertise when installing, but you need to follow proper guidelines.

What is the average estimated cost for the installation of garage door cables?

What is the average estimated cost for the installation of garage door cables

We need a pair of cables for the garage door an average estimated cost for the pair of cables, not more than 30 dollars.

But if you hire a professional for that task, then your estimated cost for installing garage door cables can be up to 80 dollars.

Can I install the garage door cables?

Can I install the garage door cables

There are no doubt professionals always do the perfect work, but some tasks such as installing garage door cable are simple. You can do such tasks yourself and can save your precious money.

How can I install garage door cables?

Installing garage door cables is not a difficult task, and you can install yourself with the support of the below guidelines.

What Tools do I need?

You will need some tools such as clamps, flexible wrench, drill, Winding bar, locking pliers, cable ties, and double life torsion spring for installing garage door cables.

What steps do I need to follow?

• Once you have arranged all the necessary tools and cable, take a pulley to wrap the cable around it.
• Hold one end of the cable and connect it to the garage ceiling; make sure your garage door is closed. It is only possible to screw the wires properly when the door is closed.
• Now take the cables’ ends and attach them to the slots of the door from the bottom side. You will see the proper place to attach these slots because they are made at the bottom for holding cables.
• Next to that, slight the cable into the slot, but you need to check that the cables rest properly at the garage door track. If cables do not rest properly, all of your efforts will be lost.
• When you see that cables are correctly placed, attach the other end of the cables to the door’s setting overhead
• Lose the settings by unscrewing and enter the cables inside the settings and then screw them properly. While you are screwing, make sure that cables are installed with proper tension.
• Now test your work, pull down the emergency handle and lift; if you listen to the clicks’ sound twice, it means you have installed cables properly.

Tips for a perfect installation:

Some tips will help you to perform your job without any problem.

• Always install the cables when the door is closed correctly.
• Arrange all the necessary tools before starting work.
• It would be helpful if you take measurements of the door for the cables before purchase.

Final Thoughts:

Garage door cables make it easy to lift the weight of the garage door while opening and closing. You need a proper installation of the door cables. Installation of the cables is a minor task that does not require much expertise. You can install cables yourself in your garage door.