How to Install a Garage Door Track

How to Install a Garage Door Track?

The garage door is one of the safest things that every house needs to be installed. Also, the validity of this garage door is twenty years and when it reaches this year than it needs to be replacing it. Twenty years are too high and it may be an older version so it the better idea of replacing it and installing a newer garage door. Nowadays, technology has grown so much so using updated technology is the best idea. Even everyone can handle and maintain it easily so if you have any doubt about installing a garage door track then try to read out the following points.

It will not take more time to finish and just one day is enough for installing it. For the installation process, you need the following tools such as socket bit, open-ended wrench, driver bit, drill, hammer, safety dresses like gloves and glasses, locking pliers, and level. And the material you need to have is half-inch diamond rods. So make sure you have all of these tools before starting the process. Then start reading the below paragraph for the step by step instructions and make use of it.

Steps to install garage door:

Steps to install garage door

There are just ten steps you have to do such as releasing the pressure, removing the existing garage door, installing the door panels, secure and install the track and hinges, attaching the spring assembly, bolting process, spring installation, installing pulleys and rods, attaching the cables, and tightening process. So these are all the ten steps. The first step is releasing the tension because you never do any work if you are in tension or nervous. So try to release that type of tension and it is a very easy task to do. Also, you can start the process by clamping the locking pliers.

The second process is removing the existing door and one of the easiest things to do indoor installation process and try to start it from the door panels. And remove the hinges in the top door panel is the next step. Always be careful when handling the glass and it may hurt you in many ways so wear safety glasses and gloves. Then using the screwdriver disconnects the track from the frame of the door. After that, begin the installation process and try to be sure the bar is centered. Then attach hinges to each panel. These are all the toughest process in installing a garage door and you can follow the next steps without any guidance.

What kind of paint is suitable for the garage door?

What kind of paint is suitable for the garage door

You can use normal home paint for this garage door also. It is advisable to use latex exterior house paint is the best choice. Even there is a lot of variety in latex exterior paint so try to choose the high-quality paint. Most of the doors having a single coat of paint but a double layer of the paint will be the effective one and no need to pain soon.