How to hide your likes on Instagram

Tips to hide the likes on Instagram

On the Instagram handle, there is a number of people who posted the pictures and make the promotions of their social media profile. Now, you can make your social media profile active when you are posting the pictures regularly. So, you can post the pictures which look beautiful and obviously it is of high quality. After all these things you can get number of followers and likes on your pictures and videos. But, someone people want to hide the likes on Instagram. You can hide all your likes easily when you make the account private.

How to hide your likes on Instagram? There is number of people who want to know about these things and other new feature rings of Instagram. Now, you can get relevant information about the use of Instagram will you do some research. There is need to find out the required information which can help you to get more and more likes on Instagram. As well, you can get a number of likes on Instagram but, you can hide it on your choice. As per your need, you can get number of Instagram followers without facing so many issues.

Tips to hide the likes on Instagram

 First of all, you have to load Instagram.

 Press on the name card looking profile. When your home profile finds on this is screen, you have to change the settings on the search screen.

 On top of the screen, there is a button shape that looks like mechanical wear. Now, you can tap on the new settings button.

 On the screen, you can watch the listing to find friends. You can see the photos which you have liked and work on the account settings. Scroll to the bottom of the screen.

 Find privacy. It is good to make your photos private.

 You should press the toggle switch and it will be treated with the following message. You can toggle it and require authorization before anyone can follow you. It can’t affect your existing followers. It sounds and courage meaning and you can get enough followers.

 Now, you have to change the off button and home press the button.

 A popup will appear on your phone and make sure you are impressing yes I am sure.

 It is good to get the followers and you can make your photos private. With all these things, you can hide your Instagram likes also.

Are you thinking about how to hide your likes on Instagram? It is not an easy thing to hide your likes. But, you can make it possible when you are choosing the ham private Instagram account. There is needed to make your Instagram account private. Now, you can hide all your likes and comments easily from other profiles. Only people who are in your account can see your likes. It is a good thing to make your Instagram private and you don’t need to out any troubles of the blocked account.