how do I hide my dashcam cable

Easy Steps to Install the Dash Cam Properly and Hide the Cable

The dash cams are one of the useful things in modern time. It has proven for life-saving. The main focus of the dashboard camera is used on recording on the rear and front views of Pathways at time of driving. The dashboard camera is pair of monitor which can use for recording and censoring to collect all the data. In the sunlight and interference, it can help you to collect all the data easily. Now, you can work on the installation of dashcam easily inside the car windshield. So, you can pay attention to work on both of the interior and exterior of car. Even, it is one of the most convenient things which can help you to record everything at the time of driving.

The data can be recorded in any form in the dashcam. Therefore, you can transfer the data easily into your smartphone devices, tablets and PC. These recording features are continuously running and you can record all the activities. It can help you to record all the inside and outside activities of the front and rear of car. In 360 degrees, you can record the activities with the help of dashcam.

Today, the dashcam comes in different models, configurations. When you want to get the HD and Ultra HD footages, you have to buy the best dashcam. The Ultra HD dash cam can help you to come in the use of legal issues. It can provide of property detail of road accident and you can better know about all the evidence. When you want to know about how you can hide the wire when you are installing the dash cam then you have to follow these mentioned below tips. It can help you to get rid out from overall interruption and you install the dashcam properly in your car.

Instructions to hide the dash can wire

Instructions to hide the dash can wire

After the installation of dash cam, there is a need to check out the interior look of your car. There is need to install atom with proper safety and see it can’t destroy the looks of your interior view. It would be easy to handle all the wires when you make the installation of it with neatness. With network of wires, you can lead to the connections and work on the transmission of footages. Now, you don’t need to be worried and you can follow these instructions which can help you to understand how do I hide my dashcam cable?

Material needed-

Material needed

Here is the list of all the equipment which can help you to make the process of dashcam installation easy-

 The dashcam power cord

 Tape

 Cable clip

 Glue

 First of all, you have to take the cord and make it run behind the headliner. After that, you can put it with electrical tapes and make the installation of it. There is a need to use the color code and special you have to choose the black color. After that, you can attach the code to the wire.

 Now, you have to make the installation on the roof of the car where it meets with windshield. You can talk the codes of it perfectly and it can be hidden in the plain sight. So, you can use tapes cable clips or gum to attach the cords properly.

 There is needed to run the cord behind the lip for the headliner. Now, you have to curve it downward at the corner. It is the time to attach the Glue or tape. In many vehicles, you don’t need to fasten it.

 Now, you have to attach the cold at the edge of the windshield. At this time, you have to install the best wire which can meet with your interior.

 Do you want to know about how do I hide my dashcam cable? For this purpose, you have to know about all the facts which can help you to hide the dashcam cable easily. Once you finish the attaching then you can run the cord. At this time, you have to use the Glue or cable clip to attach the code to dashboard. Remember the dashboard is clearly visible to others in your car. You have to wrap the cord around the corner of dashboard.

 There is a need to take the wire into area which is covered when the door gets closed. Even, you have to make it rap with tape, clip or gum. After that, the cable will hide easily when the door closes. So, you don’t need to worry about it and you who can hide the dashcam cable.

 With the help of these facts, you can better understand how do I hide my dashcam cable easily? It can help you to work on the interior looks of your dashcam.