High-Security Residential Locks

What Are Considered to be High-Security Residential Locks?

Everyone wants to protect his house from thieves. And the best way to protect residents from a thief is, putting resistances on their way. Residential Locks are the best way to secure the house. Now the question is what is the best residential lock? If you are expecting names of high-security locks, it would be not fair for us to ignore any particular name. Because there are lots of high-security locks in the market. So, 24 Hour Locksmith Near Me, we are providing you some characteristics of a high-security residential lock. While buying one, check these characteristics must.

Let’s see what are the qualities of high-security residential locks.

Let's see what are the qualities of high-security residential locks.
  1. Check The Metal Type

Undoubtedly, you can understand the necessity of checking the metal type. The heavier the metal, the more security you’ll get. Most of the time iron is used but there are some other metals like brass, steel, which are being used frequently. The metal composition is fully upon you, but as you need. But make sure there is no secondary weak elements are being blended with the locked metal, especially plastic. Some companies mix plastic to save metal which may cost your security. So, please make sure about that.

  1. Buy a Complex Lock System

There is not a single lock available in this world that couldn’t be open except for the users or owners. But you can make this job tough for the thief by buying a complex lock system. Try to find out a lock-in which internal mechanism is very hard to understand. If you can’t, then no one can easily understand that mechanism. Whether it is a normal residential door lock or biometric or password-protected door lock, always make it tough for unknown persons.

  1. Check the Internal Strength

The complexity of the lock cylinder will confuse the thief and hard metal will keep your house safe even if the thief applies a hacksaw, Sledgehammer, and shoulder strike. But thieves nowadays are advanced. Drilling is the process before which every lock has to surrender. The drill is only done by a locksmith. So there is no necessity for others to use a drill. Set screw and shear line are the two points that are the target of thieves. Make sure these two parts are perfectly protected by a hard steel ball bearing and have a support plate with anti-drill characteristics.

Set screw and shear lines are important but make sure other bolts and nuts are durable too. Make sure all the individual parts are tightened properly.

High-Security Biometric Protection
  1. High-Security Biometric Protection

If you want to protect your house hardly then choose a lock that has biometric protection or password protection. Never share a password except for your family members and put a hard password. You can do the same thing with biometric locks. But these locks will give you better security.

Most of the locks available in the market have these qualities. But before you invest your money and security on the lock, make sure all these 4 characteristics are there in the residential lock.