2021 Masters Golf Live

2021 Masters Golf Live – How this Legendary Tournament Started

After waiting for a long time we got the confirmation that 85th Masters Golf will happen on time. No delay this time due to the pandemic. Undoubtedly it’s the most exciting news golf fans heard in recent memory.

2021 Masters Golf Live will start on the 8th of April. And the final is on Sunday, 11th of April 2021. Augusta National Golf Club has been organizing this tournament for more than 86 years and it is the oldest major golf tournament in the US.

Beginning of The Masters

Beginning of The Masters

The first Masters Golf tournament took place in 1934. Bobby Jones, a famous golfer first came up with the idea to organize the event. So, he started working on building the golf course.

When the Augusta National Golf course was ready for playing, in 1934 the first ‘Augusta National Invitation Tournament’ took place. Later in 1939, the name was changed to The Masters Tournament.

Horton Smith won the first edition of the Masters Golf. After that lots of legendary golfers hold this prestigious title. The last edition was organized in November 2020. And Dustin Johnson became the Champion in that event.

The Masters Golf is the first major golf tournament of the year. It has always been organized in April, only an exception is 2020. The final usually takes place on the 2nd Sunday of April with some exceptions.

With lots of rewards for the winner, the Green Jacket is the most iconic one. Since 1949 a Green Jacket has been awarded to the winner of the tournament. Though the winner must return it to the club after one year, he still owns the jacket and it remains with other’s jackets at the club.

Jack Nicklaus has won six Masters Tournament, the most victory for any golfer. Tiger Woods has the 2nd most winning, a total of 5 times. There are few more names who won this game multiple times.

The Masters 2021

The Masters 2021

Today in 2021, The Masters is considered the most prestigious golf tournament. Throughout the years, the tournament made its name onto the top of the list of major golf events.

Nothing can go to the top of the mountain on day one. It takes time and dedication. The masters went through all the obstacles to reach where it is now.

All the major golf players will participate in this year’s Masters Tournament. This year winner of the 2020 Masters Golf Tournament Dustin Johnson will defend the title. The final list will be revealed in the last week before the tournament starts.

You can watch 2021 Masters Golf Live starting on 8th April of this year. Lots of excitement building towards this day. Are you ready to cheer for your favorite golfer this year?

Final Words

The Masters not only made a big name in the tournament list, but also in our hearts. As true fans of golf we always wait for this tournament to start. We are excited for the upcoming 2021 Masters Golf Live and we believe you are too. This tournament sets the platform for all other major golf tournaments that will take place later this year.